BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield) has been an important insurance company for decades for those needing affordable healthcare coverage. Their BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans for 2017 are sure to be popular plans among many Medicare subscribers in the coming years.

BCBS operates Inn all 50 states, and it uses smaller insurance companies under various names to sell its plans and provide its policies. These companies operate under BCBS’ guidelines, and they follow pricing standards set by the parent company. So even if you get your insurance through a subsidiary of BCBS, you should still be able to get the same service and rates that you have come to expect from them.

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The Advantage plans they sell are determined by Medicare. It is Medicare who decides how much coverage each plan should have, but BCBS and other private insurance companies get to decide how much to charge for those plans. The cost varies to, and you won’t find a standard price among the various insurance companies or even form state to state. BCBS will have different rates depending on where you live and which plan you buy.

With one of their Advantage plans, you can enjoy coverage beyond what Medicare gives you on a basic plan. You will find coverage for supplemental expenses, many times, which means the Advantage plans operate a lot like supplement plans. The difference between BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans for 2017 and Medigap plans is that the Advantage plans do not require that you have a basic Medicare plan.



If you do already have the original Medicare policy, then you will have to drop it to sign up for an Advantage plan. That’s because a lot of what they both cover is the same. Now the Advantage plan will go a lot further, but it covers too much common ground for it to make sense for you to have both plans. You will have to decide whether you want just an Advantage plan or a Medicare basic plan and a supplement plan. You can get about the same coverage either way, but one of them will probably cost you less.

It’s up to you to look at your options. Your insurance agent may be able to help you there, but you need to decide which plan will cover you the best and save you the most money. Ultimately, choosing the right plan comes down to which one is going to cost you the least overall. You may be able to save money with an Advantage plan or you may need to find something else for the best value. Take some time to figure it out. You will need time to sort through your options and make an informed decision. This is why we advise looking into 2017 plans right now. Just be aware that the rates you see now for the plans are likely to be higher by 2017.

It’s a good idea to examine the BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans for 2017 in order to compare them against the competition. You will want to know what your choices are before you make your decision and sign up for an Advantage plan.

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