If you are a Medicare subscriber in Florida, then you might be interested in the Florida Blue Medicare Advantage 2017 plans. These medical insurance coverage plans can take care of a lot of your healthcare expenses, providing you far more coverage than what you would get with the basic Medicare original plan.

What Advantage Plans Offer

Advantage plans differ from other types of Medicare plans, and you need to know what those differences are in order to make the best decision for yourself and your situation. They cover a lot of emergency and urgent care expenses. These are costs you would have to pay if you were to go to an emergency room or be escorted to the hospital in an ambulance. As most people know, those can be some of the most expensive common services offered by a medical facility.

Many of the Advantage plans also offer you coverage for prescription drugs, also known as Medicare Part D. If you already have a Part D plan, then you need to drop that plan in order to keep your Advantage plan coverage. This applies to any other coverage plan you may have that intersects with the Advantage plan you are wanting. If their coverage is identical in some areas, you may have to drop one of them.


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Advantage Plan Networks

You may hear terms like “HMO” and “PPO” being tossed around as you read about Medicare Advantage plans. You might be wondering what they mean. They basically describe you how the plan will offer you coverage within the insurance company’s network.

Every insurance company operates on a network. That network consists of all the medical facilities with which they have partnerships. So if they have a partnership with a hospital and that hospital is on their network, then you can go there with your Advantage plan and get the coverage detailed in the plan.

If the Florida Blue Medicare Advantage 2017 plan that you buy operates as an HMO, then the only place you get coverage is at the network locations. If you go anywhere else to get some medical treatment, then you won’t receive any coverage at all. There is an exception or that, and it is when you are having an emergency. In that case, the plan will cover you for some of your medical expenses, regardless of whether the location you were taken to for treatment was on the network or not.





PPO plans let you get some form of coverage no matter where you go for treatment. However, you get the full coverage of your plan if you go to an on-network location. This plan can be better for people who don’t live near a facility that is on their provider’s network, but it can also be a more expensive plan due to its more extensive coverage.

Choosing the Right Plan

It’s important to choose a plan that fits your needs. While Florida Blue may offer some impressive Advantage plans, they are not the only company doing so. You should look at their competition and see what is available, comparing coverage, networks and costs to get the best plan for your needs.

Keep in mind that Florida Blue has an impressive array of resources for its subscribers to enjoy. These include dieting and fitness programs that help you stay in shape and reduce your medical expenses every year. Benefits like these are certainly a reason to consider Florida Blue Medicare Advantage 2017 plans. Just take your time in choosing the right plan to fit your specific needs and don’t jump into a plan you might end up regretting at a later date.


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